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About The Law Offices Of Sotta And Briggs, PC

The Law Offices Of Sotta And Briggs, PC is the successor firm to a practice that served clients throughout Missouri for over thirty years. We are committed to helping our clients achieve successful resolutions to all of their legal issues.

Whether you are seeking a DUI and DWI attorney or a family law lawyer, contact our Joplin, MO law offices for a free initial consultation.

At The Law Offices Of Sotta And Briggs, PC, we believe that understanding our client's goals and objectives is necessary in order to provide them with effective legal counsel. As a general practice law firm, we represent clients in many of their legal matters. You don't have to explain your objectives to a new lawyer. We know our clients, and we know what is important to them.

The results of a current legal matter will often have an effect on any future legal issues that you will face. How will an assault or DUI conviction affect your parental rights in divorce? What are the tax implications of a property agreement or estate plan? As a full service law, firm we can help you answer many legal questions. You don't have to go to a different attorney for advice regarding tax planning, criminal defense, or bankruptcy.

Helping our clients understand the affect their current legal issues will have on the rest of their lives is important. We thoroughly prepare our clients for what they can expect from us and from the legal system. Our clients always retain the power to make the final decisions regarding their cases. We can assure our clients that, when the time comes to make those decisions, they will have received advice from an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who has their best interests in mind.